via Torricelli 7
20136 Milano



Artistic Direction / Executive Production / Project Management

The restaurant, now  Michelin-starred establishment, was born from an idea of the owners who, after a long collaboration with  Ferran Adrià, decided to open a unique space, a contemporary trattoria that brings experimentation and experience of the spanish chef to Italy.

Condividere is more than just a restaurant, it is a dreamlike scenery, a welcoming, urban and colorful experience. A place where one can feel comfortable and enjoy, along with the haute cuisine dishes, the pleasure of company.

The MTG team was commissioned to oversee the entire space, coordinate the set design project conceived by Dante Ferretti, as well as provide support in selecting the furnishings and managing the project with the Lavazza family.

Clients: LAVAZZA
MQ: 1200
Budget: +7mln euro